FASD susceptibility – new research!


One of the problems with identifying FASD, and with researching it, is the fact that its appearance seems to rely to a degree on fate, or luck if you will.  There are amounts of alcohol exposure that will ALWAYS cause FASD but, to be honest, that is relatively rare.  The grey area, the middle band where exposure does not always result in damage is very problematic for researchers and families alike.  It is why the question, “How much is safe?” is so hard to answer. However, recent research reported here by Harvard, finds that there is a possible signalling pathway that may determine susceptibility to FASD.  This missing link begins to answer some of the questions we all have – the ‘why me’ that is so natural, and so hard to answer. It also allows for the possibility of a drug to block the ethanol neurotoxicity that is at the heart of FASD.  Heartening indeed!


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