Jelly Geology


One of the delights about home educating is the people we meet during that odd time when everyone else is at school. It is a bit like being the first up in the early morning. The world is the same but slightly emptier, more your own. People have more time. We have had a lovely week this week (despite nearly coming to verbal blows over a fraction wall on Monday) and been buoyed by the positive feedback we have been getting and the opportunities for Jake to succeed that are, in that irritating and unfair way that virtuous circles have, so self perpetuating. We went to the museum in Bude with our lovely home ed group, whose children are able to learn from each other as much as the adults and resources around them and found a whole display on geology that consolidated the time line that we started last week. Jake, in his typical wide angled approach to learning, chose to begin his time line with ‘the whole history of the whole world’. Peter has wisely suggested we begin at the beginning and then do the whole history of the whole world in order. No small task. Anyway, we are currently embedded in geology and living near the fantastic rock formations of the North Cornwall coast means that local museums can offer valid and local information that the children can then go and see for themselves. On Wednesday Peter arrived with a multi layered Jelly, each containing a wooden tile with a picture of a fossil on. Some serious and sticky excavation later and Jake had really understood relative dating and had acquired some pretty impressive vocabulary, even for him. This vocabulary was then used to wow the staff at Forest School on Thursday and so on we go with our positive reinforcement. Perfect.

Jelly Geology

Jelly Geology


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