Hoping for ordinary


December is such a tricky time for families.  Adoptive families particularly. I read many blogs about how hard this time of year is for children who come late to their forever family and for whom this time of year is a minefield. The sense of overwhelming stress, loss, failure and pain sit really uncomfortably with the tinsel and glitter. Sadly I don’t read much about any sort of understanding support for families who are under siege in this way and I wonder how some of them are even putting one foot in front of the other at the moment.

Last year, when we had all three of the young children at home full time, I noted that even in the midst of the stress of house moving and renovation that taking school out of the December mix was a massive relief.  This year, with two (very happily) back in school,  I could almost see the jagged shards of stress overload sticking out of them as they burst out of school at the end of the day.  Jake and I have spent the last ten days being calm so that we can absorb some of these spikes.  We haven’t done anything that we know will set either of us off on some sort of melt down.  We have walked more, played more and to be honest, kept Christmas at bay.

Now here we are on Christmas Eve.  Feeling sane.  Feeling as though we might even have an ordinary day tomorrow.  Success!



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